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About us

Top Cat Cattery is a family owned and run, purpose built cattery in the heart of Basingstoke.  We have just gone through an extensive refurbishment program ensuring that we can offer the highest standards of accommodation.


We can accommodate anything from individuals to families of cats. All our rooms are heated and have their own covered outside area for scratching, playing or just loafing around. We pride ourselves on the care and attention our boarders receive and are always willing to cater for special diets and medical requirements.  

You are more than welcome to come and visit the cattery and inspect the premises before boarding your cat / cats. Just call or email to make arrangements before your visit, especially if it is outside normal business hours. The initial upheaval of being boarded at a cattery can sometimes unsettle you cat so we ensure that we spend time with our guests to makethem feel calm and safe. You will be amazed how much a nervous cat will settle and look very contented when you return to pick them up

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